Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara’s Holiday Curves Were Fitness Inspiration for Her Fans!

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara’s Holiday Curves Were Fitness Inspiration for Her Fans!
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC)

Joe Manganiello’s wife and star of Modern Family, Sofia Vergara, looked stunning while on vacation over the holidays. The actress showed off her sexy curves on Instagram in various sundresses. In one picture in particular, Vergara took the time to thank her fans and wish them a very happy 2017: “Thankfull [sic] for all the things I learned this year. Enjoy every day like there was no tomorrow. Wishing all my fans an amazing 2017 full of love and health. The only two things that really matter.” The Colombian actress showed off how stunning she continues to look and revealed her natural beauty.

Its going to be hard to leave this place🌊🌊

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Learned how to tie a Pareu dress!!!🌊🐟💃

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Sofia Vergara Diet and Workout

Vergara is no doubt curvy. To keep those curves and continue to look her best, she trains alongside celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Peterson puts Vergara through circuit training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts.

Her son has previously said that Vergara is often seen eating anything and everything in sight, and so to compensate for her love of food, Vergara trains hard. She ensures she maintains strong muscles to keep her metabolism going so she can enjoy some of her favorite foods.

Vergara has been known to grow tired of repetitive workouts. That is why Peterson is such a great trainer, because he keeps Vergara’s workouts exciting and fresh. He ensures she is constantly engaged so she doesn’t grow bored. Peterson’s workouts for Vergara are short but very intense, and they ensure that Vergara’s heart is pumping and calories are being burned.

Peterson utilizes compound movements for Vergara, which are exercises that activate more than one muscle group per exercise. An example of this is squats and lunges.

Peterson often puts her on a diet, but Vergara frequently strays from the plan as she just loves food. Her son even started a YouTube channel and showcased films of his mother feasting on food. Vergara typically allows herself three meals and three snacks a day, and she often reaches for a lollipop to satisfy her sweet tooth so she doesn’t opt for cakes or cookies.

Although it seems that Vergara has a fast metabolism that keeps her hungry and burning off food, she does steer clear of foods that cause her to bloat. These foods include salt, wheat, pasta, oatmeal, potatoes, and rice.

Clearly Sofia Vergara has managed to find the perfect balance between her workouts and eating habits, because the actress still manages to look amazing day after day.


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