Nicole Scherzinger at Just Eat Food Fest at Red Market in London Looks Fab

Nicole ScherzingerThe X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger was spotted at the Just Eat Food Fest at Red Market in London. The former Pussycat Doll looked great in a two-piece black-and-pink outfit.

Scherzinger previously struggled with diets body-image problems including an eating disorder. The singer struggled with bulimia in the early years of performing with the Pussycat Dolls. She notes that she hated herself and even though she was part of a highly successful girl group, she felt utterly alone.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Diet and Workout

Scherzinger believes in enjoying all things in moderation. She doesn’t follow a strict diet and she doesn’t believe in depriving herself either. In fact, Scherzinger enjoys Muller Corner yogurt and finds they help her maintain her killer shape.


One key, however, to Scherzinger’s diet is smaller portions, which she enjoys more often throughout the day, but she does try to avoid eating late at night as it allows the body to digest prior to bedtime. Essentially, she tries to follow the principles of clean eating and limits junk food consumption as much as she can.

Nicole Scherzinger is no longer battling an eating disorder and is on a healthier path overall. Whatever the X-Factor judge’s diet secrets are, there’s no doubt that she looked stunning at the Just Eat Food Fest at Red Market in London!

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