Olivia Culpo: Pineapples Are Great for Reducing Swelling

Olivia Culpo Pineapples Are Great for Reducing Swelling
Credit: Photo Image Press / Splash News

When Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe 2012, the world was quickly abuzz at how she was only the second American to take the title. Since her coronation, the cellist and self-proclaimed nerd credits pineapples, in part, for her on-stage success. As Culpo attests, pineapples are great for reducing swelling. She says the tropical fruit can help anyone look their best on the big day of a pageant, keeping the body as ready to go as it could be.

As it turns out, bromelain may be behind this benefit. Bromelain is a set of three enzymes found in pineapples that were first discovered in the 1930s. About 30 years ago, bromelain was noticed to have antibiotic properties and researchers have been fascinated with them ever since.

Recently, a group of Australian scientists found evidence suggesting that bromelain, and pineapple by extension, could help promote gut health and help keep digestive dilemmas such as bloating or swelling to a minimum. During tests on piglets, it seems that bromelain can make it harder for bacteria to stick to the walls of the gut, which would in turn make it more difficult for any unwanted invaders to stick around and set up shop. Of course, pigs aren’t humans, but our porcine friends have enough anatomical similarities to make the findings a promising lead.

The bacterial-level effects of bromelain observed by the Australian scientists ended up translating to a cure for diarrhea in the piglets, which further supports the idea of pineapple being able to help ease gut problems.

This means that not only is pineapple behind Olivia Culpo’s lack of swelling and a potential contributor to her 2012 Miss Universe crown, it seems the prickly fruit even has potential to protect the gut and help thwart pesky superbugs that try to dig in. Not too shabby!

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