Olivia Munn to Appear in “The Predator?”: X-Men Star Focuses on Fitness amid Rumors of Joining Boyd Holbrook

Olivia Munn
Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff/ Getty

Rumors have been flying about Olivia Munn, star of X-Men: Apocalypse, appearing alongside Boyd Holbrook in the reboot of The Predator movie. Well, it can be confirmed that Munn will be joining Holbrook, and to prepare for upcoming role, Munn has been putting a large focus on her fitness.

Although not much of the plot for the upcoming film is known, what has been revealed is that aliens are taking over suburbia and Munn will play a scientist in Holbrook’s task force. The movie is set to start filming in February but aside from seeing her in X:Men: Apocalypse, you can also catch Munn in the upcoming Office Christmas Party film.

Olivia Munn Healthy Eating & Fitness

When Munn had to prepare for her role in X-Men, she underwent a pretty intense diet and workout plan. In the film she played Psylocke, and in order to fight like an X-man, Munn underwent plenty of training to perform her own stunts. She told Women’s Health magazine, “My intention was to just get as fit and as healthy as I could be, for myself.”


Her diet consisted of focusing on foods that can be found in local farmer’s markets and adhered to the 80-20 diet. She explained, “I also started getting into eating 20-80, where 80 percent of your diet is fruits and vegetables and 20 percent is whatever.” By the end of filming, Munn managed to lose 12 pounds – as if she really needed to anyways.

Many celebrities and models follow the 80-20 diet, but Munn immediately stopped it when filming wrapped up. Even though she isn’t eating so strictly anymore, she still tries to maintain an overall healthy eating plan by only purchasing organic produce and always starts her day off with a smoothie. On the other hand, Munn doesn’t deprive herself; so, when she’s craving onion rings or mac and cheese, she definitely goes for it (and rightfully so).

Furthermore, Munn generally avoids processed food and opts for foods in which she knows every ingredient. On the other hand, if she has a bad day or stress eats, she doesn’t blame herself or feel guilty and recognizes that it was just a slip up and gets back on track soon after.

To follow the 80-20 diet, Munn cut back on meat, and she opted for nuts and seed to get in adequate protein.


To complement her healthy eating, Munn’s training also involved six to seven hours a day of workouts. So many of us spend six to seven hours a day sitting behind a desk, so as you can see, Munn’s training was basically like a job in itself.

As for Munn’s workouts, she enjoys Pilates and takes part in plenty of cardio exercises in order to keep her looking lean.

Olivia Munn is already set to have a busy 2017 as she begins filming The Predator. Although her previous roles required her to train intensely and follow a strict diet, hopefully this time around it won’t be as intense.



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