Orlando Bloom Flaunts Chiseled Chest During Kung Fu Session

Orlando Bloom
Photo credit: imdb

Orlando Bloom shows off his Kung Fu skills and chiseled chest as he practices with a Shaolin master during a martial arts training session.

In the Instagram post, Bloom and the Shaolin master were seen wrestling as possible practice for his upcoming movie role in Smart Chase: Fire and Earth.

he’s a shaolin master imma have to practice lots to keep up 👊🏻


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We’re sure girlfriend Katy Perry doesn’t mind the extra training and is very much enjoying the eye-candy.

For the film, Bloom plays a washed-up security agent who is responsible for transporting a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai. Based on the short video clip, we can assume that the movie will contain some high-action fighting scenes.


Orlando Bloom’s Fitness Routine

To achieve his buff body, Bloom not only partakes in lifting weights. The 39-year-old actor also performs plenty of upper-body exercises alongside a personal trainer – which he was spotted doing earlier this year. When Bloom picks up a weight, it tends to be pretty heavy and that likely leads to his bulging muscles and chiseled chest.

Bloom has always had a hot bod as many of his past movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, required him to be quite the action man. The English heartthrob performs high-intensity workouts, which include running, stair climbing, along with yoga and Pilates, as a means of improving his strength and agility.

Orlando Bloom

Photo credit: imdb

Bloom follows a low-carb vegan diet and consumes five small meals a day as part of the 5-Factor diet. The diet consists of five meals a day that should include low GI (glycemic index) foods, protein, fiber, healthy fats, and sugar-free beverages.

Furthermore, this diet allows you to have a have a cheat meal at the end of the week as long as you stick to it, which makes it pretty easy to follow in the long-run.

Bloom also knows the importance of staying well hydrated, and he is often pictured with a water bottle in hand.

Furthermore, Bloom is known to eat strictly certified organic foods along with avoiding alcohol. He also avoids dairy, animal foods, fatty foods, and buttery foods, which may seem impossible for many of us but it has helped Bloom achieve his hot look.

Orlando Bloom continues to be a sight to see and easily maintains his muscles with his intense workouts. Whether he is training for an upcoming movie or just living his everyday life, Bloom has adopted a healthy lifestyle that he sticks to on a regular basis.

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