Rafael Nadal to Play Rio Olympics 2016 after Missing Wimbledon Due to Wrist Injury

Photo Credit: A Fraioli / Splash News
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Photo Credit: A Fraioli / Splash News

Even though he missed out on the Wimbledon tennis competition due to a wrist injury, Rafael Nadal is still heading to the Rio Olympics 2016 to compete.

Nadal just recently posted a picture of his journey to Brazil on his Instagram even though there are still concerns that his injury may affect his game. Regardless, Nadal has been practicing and at the moment feels well enough to give it a shot during the Olympic Games.

Con el equipo en #Rio!!

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Rafael Nadal’s fitness problems go beyond his wrist injury. The 14-time Grand Slam champion has also battled knee injuries and earlier this year experienced a health scare and ended up handing a win to 94th ranked player Damir Dzumhur as a result.

Being a professional tennis star can be quite physically taxing, as not only are you using your body but you are often against the elements including a blazing hot sun. But Nadal is back on track when it comes to training, as he indicated in another Instagram post captioned “Let’s Move for Rio.”

Rafael Nadal’s Diet and Favorite Foods

Of course, remaining fit and avoiding injury is important to any athlete but a strong diet is also necessary to maintain optimal form. But you may be shocked to hear about Rafael Nadal’s diet and favorite foods—it’s not what you’d expect of a pro athlete. Some of Nadal’s favorite foods are Nutella and potato chips!

Nadal also loves cooking and typically cooks for himself nightly. For example, he might whip up some grilled fish along with some pasta and shrimp. Nadal notes that he eats like a “normal” person and that he isn’t necessarily a model for healthy eating, but whatever he’s doing for his diet is clearly good enough to keep him a champion.

Rafael Nadal Workout and Fitness

The foundation to become a great tennis star was present in Nadal’s early life, as he grew up in a family of athletes. Nadal’s workout and fitness routines ensure that he maintains his strength and continues to lead the way in the world of tennis.

Primer entrenamiento en Roland Garros… ☺ First practice session at Roland Garros… ☺

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Nadal plays tennis all year round, and he supplements his hours on the court with workouts. In a typical day, Nadal wakes up, practices tennis, has some free time, and then hits the gym.

He uses resistance bands, performs exercises for his core, and also does plenty of stretching. It may not sound like a complex routine, but it’s enough to keep the pro tennis star in prime form.

Nadal is off to the Olympics in Rio, and with any luck, his previous wrist injury won’t cause him too much grief as it did back in Wimbledon.

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