Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville Talks Sharknado 4 Release, Wants to Gain Back Weight Lost While Sick

Brandi Glanville
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Real housewives star Brandi Glanville surprised audiences with a cameo in last week’s Sharknado 4 release, after shocking the (D-list) entertainment world a month prior with admissions of depression, drinking and unwanted weight loss.

Hope everyone tunes in for #sharknado4 because I have an intense cameo in it! 😏

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The Sharknado series, much like the Real Housewives, are known for cultivating and highlighting D-list celebrities, making the cameo a match made in heaven–for those who happened to catch it.

Ex-Real Housewives Star Brandi Glanville Tells All

Glanville was fired from the Real Housewives and also went through a messy relationship situation when learning her (now ex) husband Eddie Cibrian had been cheating on her with former child-star-singer Leann Rhimes. The split caused her to tumble downwards, become depressed, drink too much and lead to all kinds of unwanted weight loss.

While fans of Glanville might not be overly-surprised she used the bottle to as a coping mechanism, I’m sure they support her nonetheless. And in an effort to get better and put some weight back, Glanville recently Instagrammed photos of some food options: burgers, fries and shakes.


Happening now gotta put those lbs back on from when I was sick ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Now I’m not going to tell you that Brandi Glanville’s eating habits are the best way to get over depression or put weight back on if you’ve been sick, but hey; to each there own. Of course, she may just be looking for attention.

Don’t Model Your Diet After Brandi Glanville’s Eating Habits

A People magazine interview exposed what Glanville’s daily diet looks like, and it really doesn’t look good. Now we can only speculate on whether of not she was being truthful, but I suppose we’ll take her word for it.

She did mention, however, that she only eats when she’s hungry, which is a good thing, but the majority of her choices are not nutrient dense and probably won’t do her any good over the long haul.

If you’re trying to gain weight or deal with depression, it’s best to stick to nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean proteins instead of tacos, biscuits, burgers, fries, shakes and alcohol.

Foods that Glanville is eating will likely do more to contribute to depression because processed foods and fatty foods and alcohol are all associated with depressive symptoms. And when it comes to gaining weight in a healthy manner, it’s best to stick to the 80:20 rule.

This ensures you put on quality weight like muscle instead of fat, which can lead to further health problems. The 80:20 rule means to eat nutrient dense food 80 percent of the time, while reserving 20 percent of your meals (or calories) for junky, low-quality options.

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