Red Carpet Ready: Amy Schumer Stuns in Black Gown at Golden Globes, Actress Manages Food and Exercise to Stay in Shape

Red Carpet Ready: Amy Schumer Stuns in Black Gown at Golden Globes, Actress Manages Food and Exercise to Stay in Shape
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The hilarious and gorgeous Amy Schumer wowed the crowds this past Sunday at the 74th Annual Golden Globes, showing off her hourglass figure in an elegant black dress. The unapologetically body-positive actress shared her preparation for the ceremony on Instagram, posting a photo of her at a table full of beer, coffee, and food and sporting a pair of fairy wings.

Golden Globe prep

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Schumer has never been one to listen to critics, especially concerning her body type. She fearlessly loves who she is and though she’ll poke fun sometimes at not looking like everyone else, it’s something she’s proud of. She addressed body shamers last May in a post on Twitter discussing this.

While the actress and comedienne refuses to conform to societal pressures, she did slim down a bit for her role in the 2015 comedy Trainwreck, though it isn’t a process she plans on repeating any time soon.

Amy Schumer’s Weight Loss

Schumer joked about the strict diet on Live! with Kelly & Michael, saying the Hollywood secret was actually a starvation diet that included a smoothie for breakfast, followed by journaling about that smoothie for lunch. She worked with a celebrity trainer who created a meal plan as well as an exercise regimen that resulted in a three pound weight loss. Though she happily showed off her slimmer figure for the audience, Schumer has stated that she wouldn’t be upset by gaining the weight back.

In October of 2015, the actress got serious for a moment when discussing the importance of body image and self confidence. She spoke to Maria Shriver on the Today Show about how Leesa Evans, the woman responsible for Amy’s wardrobe in Trainwreck, shared with her the skills to help her dress her body in clothes that make her feel as great as she looks. Schumer addressed how insecurity can sabotage her work, explaining that she cannot perform at her best or be confident in her ability and talent if she’s constantly aware of the way her clothing sits. She even revealed that she has had nights where she didn’t want to get onstage and perform because she couldn’t find an outfit she liked and looked good in. The right clothes really can inspire self-confidence, and Schumer expressed her gratefulness to Evans and wanted to share the skills she had learned with women everywhere. To do so, she and Evans worked together and created a charity called STYLEFUND, which helps women learn to dress their individual bodies in ways that make them feel confident and sexy so they can be their true selves. Evans mentioned in an interview with The Window that after her first fitting with Schumer, she noticed the actress walking taller and lighter, with an air of obvious confidence. It’s a feeling both hope they can help other women achieve, no matter where they come from.

Amy Schumer looked amazing on the Golden Globes’ red carpet this past Sunday, and while the dress she was wearing was definitely a factor, her unshakeable self-confidence and body positivity stole the show.


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