Reese Witherspoon Fueling Up for Halloween 2016: Big Little Lies Star Instagrams Pumpkin Carvings

Reese Witherspoon Fueling Up for Halloween 2016: Big Little Lies Star Instagrams Pumpkin Carvings
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Actress Reese Witherspoon this past weekend posted a picture on her Instagram account of some Halloween pun-kins that were written on pumpkins. The mom of three, whose current project is the HBO special Big Little Lies, captioned the pic with this: Who says Halloween has to be scary?! Loving these pun-kins! / #Pastels #Halloween #Inspiration.


Who says Halloween has to be scary?! 💕 Loving these pun-kins! 🎃 #Pastels #Halloween #Inspiration via @studiodiy

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For the most part, Witherspoon follows a healthy diet but doesn’t shy away from treats. A week ago she posted another pic on Instagram, this time of a book and green smoothie. Witherspoon loves a smoothie post-workout.

Fueling up for the weekend with @_kimberlysnyder & @deepakchopra! 💚💪🏼💦 #FitnessFriday #LetsDoThis #RadicalBeauty

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Earlier last week, Witherspoon was in Disneyland to celebrate an early Halloween with her youngest child, Tennessee. Throughout the month of October, the Anaheim-based park gives a nod to Halloween by decorating its grounds with Halloween themes..

Reese’s Go-To Workouts and Non-Diet Philosophy

Witherspoon’s friend Kimberly Snyder, a nutritionist, has a new book out called Radical Beauty co-written with health and wellness guru Deepak Chopra. The actress even has a testimonial on Snyder’s website where she says that Kimberly’s philosophies about nutrition have really helped her maintain a healthy lifestyle. She goes on to say, “her program isn’t focused on just losing weight, it’s more about a complete mind, body and health experience. I start every day with a Glowing Green Smoothie™ and so does my whole family!”

The Legally Blonde actress works out regularly to maintain her petite body by doing exercise that includes yoga sessions and attending Pilates and other exercise classes at a gym near her home in Brentwood, California. And with special days like Halloween, keeping to a regular workout schedule allows Witherspoon to cheat here and there, indulging guilt-free in some of the season’s treats.

Witherspoon makes a point to run a few miles every dayfor about an hour, and she especially loves to run with her gal pals. She says trying to keep pace and gab at the same time takes skill. Another person she loves to work out with is her husband, Jim Toth. Having somebody else around when she exercises keeps her motivated.

For those times when she isn’t feeling motivated or wants to ramp things up for a role, she goes to her personal trainer, Michael George, who helps keep her in shape. A personal trainer is a good way to help anyone achieve their fitness goals and stay on-track. They are trained to know how to shape bodies according to specifications as outlined by the person going to the trainer. Accountability is also a great outcome of having a personal trainer. Sometimes just having someone counting on you to achieve set out goals is motivation enough to continue.

The actress follows the principles of a clean diet and watches the size of her food portions. She eats organic foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts and low fat dairy products. However, she won’t deny herself a glass of wine if she wants one. Moderation is the key to her diet and overall lifestyle.



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