Rita Ora Shares Hot Photoshoot Pics on Instagram, Singer Flaunts Super Fit Body in Black Dress

Rita Ora
Photo credit: Theo Wargo / Staff /Getty

British singer Rita Ora recently took to her Instagram to show off how super fit she really is.

The singer revealed a picture taken during a photo shoot of her sprawled across a couch in a very low-cut black dress.

Former The X Factor U.K. judge Ora posts many steaming hot pics of herself in a variety of outfits that really show off her body.


Ora will take another crack at acting in the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker movie.

Here too! Thanks all who was involved and made this day so much fun! @s_moda 👶🏼

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It seems like Ora will have no trouble fitting into the R-rated movie series, as she already has a fantastic body that will easily boost the movie’s sex appeal.

Rita Ora Diet & Workout

So what exactly does Ora’s fitness routine consists of that lends its way to her fit body? Well for starters, it begins with her diet. Ora only eats half the food on her plate – talk about self-control.

For example, if she wants a burger, she will cut it in half, take off the bun, and only eat the patty. On the other hand, if she is feeling some fries, then she’ll skip out on the burger. Ora does treat herself every now and then. Her guilty pleasure is sugary and fizzy beverages.

Here too! Thanks all who was involved and made this day so much fun! @s_moda 👶🏼

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As for her workouts, Ora combines yoga with short bursts of exercise. For example, she’ll complete a yoga class and pair it with toning workouts like Pilates or go for a hike. Even when Ora goes for runs, she maxes her time out at 15 minutes just to give her workout a burst.

Ora doesn’t try to be skinny; she tries to be strong. She focuses her efforts on toning and building lean muscle as opposed to being thin. As someone who travels a lot, it is often hard for her to eat well all the time, but Ora really tries to. She always aims to eat a healthy breakfast with a smoothie along with eggs, and her lunch consists of salmon. But when it comes to dinner, she will treat herself with some truffle pasta.

As you can tell, Rita Ora generally lives as healthy a life as possible, which includes eating well – while treating herself – and a healthy balance of exercise. The singer-turned-actress looks undoubtedly amazing, and it’s because of all her hard work when it comes to her diet and workouts. Ora’s fitness and body role models include Beyonce and Gwen Stefani, and you can tell that Ora has channeled these women as guides not only for her career, but also in her fitness life as well.

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