Ryan Lochte’s Elimination in DWTS: Olympic Swimmer to Focus on Fitness and Wedding with Fiance Kayla Rae Reid

Ryan Lochte
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Last week, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. With a DWTS elimination behind him, the Olympic athlete can start putting his time and focus on his upcoming wedding to fiancée Kayla Rae Reid. The two got engaged at the beginning of October and shared the news on Instagram with a picture of the two of them and the gorgeous engagement ring.

Lochte told E! News in an interview that “since I’ve been on this show my life has been just dancing and we haven’t had time, me and my fiancée, to pick a wedding day or flowers or anything like that. So now I’m excited to get down and get ready for this big wedding.”

A world record holder in swimming for the 100 (SC), 200 (LC and SC), and 400 (SC) individual medleys, Lochte has been busy since September when he started on DWTS, and with that comes long days of rehearsal and learning new dance routines.


Dance is not the swimmer’s fortem so it was a real challenge for him, but he did well considering it has no relation to his swimming background. His efforts go to show that regardless of how fit you are, dancing requires a skill that goes beyond fitness, diet, and workouts, though all three are definitely required when training to dance competitively.

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Earlier in October, Lochte told E! News that he wants to have a part in planning the wedding, saying “that’s one of the things that I wanted to do because this is not just her wedding, even though everyone always says it’s the woman’s wedding, but it’s mine, too, and we’re a couple now.” Lochte is also looking forward to starting a family now that he has found the right partner; he has always wanted to be a dad.

How Ryan Lochte Trains

Ryan Lochte’s strength coach Matt DeLancey started working with the Olympic swimmer in 2003. DeLancey says Lochte’s focus was on getting a competitive edge, both physically and mentally.

Apart from regular swimming training, which is long and involved and takes up the majority of his days, Lochte dedicates his off-season training to the grueling and intense strength workouts that DeLancey puts him through. The key to these workouts is variety. DeLancey told Men’s Fitness that “we did a combination of everything. We gave him a variety because at the elite level, it is what you need.”

Training sessions with DeLancey usually last 60 to 90 minutes, and sometimes for 2.5 hours on Sundays in his garage. The additional workout time that athletes have to put in sometimes causes a few to grumble, but not Lochte, says DeLancey. “He loves to be punished.”

Off-season training for Lochte includes a day of full body workouts, and he’ll do plyometrics and strength exercises like box jumps and different types of squats. The day is finished with core exercises to develop strength, which are essential for swimmers.



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