Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton Dating? Are They the New Super Fit Couple?

Serena Williams
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Serena Williams has always been super fit, no question about that—her potential new man, race car driver Lewis Hamilton, is no slouch either.

Spotted locking fingers on the weekend and getting cozy on Halloween, the two just might take the “super fit couple” title if there were such a thing. But even if there’s nothing serious going on, it’s still worth talking about the strict diet and training these two undergo to be the at the top of their games.

Tennis players and race car drivers both have to be in great shape to compete at a high level, and Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton are the best in the business.


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Abs Are Made in The Kitchen

The oldest and truest fitness adage out there is that abs are made in the kitchen. You can do all the abs workouts you want, but if you’re not eating right, they’re going to stay buried under a layer of fat. I’m not saying that Williams doesn’t have a good core workout to bring out the detail in her abs, but it’s her diet that allows them to show through.

In Hamilton, she’s likely found someone that knows it’s the same thing. In an interview with Men’s Health, Hamilton shared that he stays lean by avoiding sugary soda and keeps a pretty simple diet with items like lean chicken breast, low-calorie salsa, green veggies, and water.

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Having visible abs is really all about staying lean enough to show off detailed muscle. The best way to do that is to stick to nutrient-dense, low calorie foods. And although I don’t know exactly what Lewis and Serena eat, I can make an educated guess.

Eating to Reach Your Goals

Because Hamilton and Williams each use their body differently, the way they eat and train will be slightly different. If you’ve seen Serena Williams in the tennis court, you’ve seen someone who’s extremely quick, powerful, and has breathtaking endurance.

To fuel her training and matches, I’d guess Williams keeps her calories relatively high and consumes plenty of fruit; vegetables; complex carbohydrates like oats, sweet potato and whole grains; and lots of lean protein. She likely includes some healthy fats from things like nuts, avocado, and vegetable oils, but I’d guess her macronutrient spilt looks a little something like: 40-50% carbs, 40-30% protein, and 20-30% fat. Her musculature leads me to believe her diet is also pretty high protein.

Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, doesn’t need the same kind of fuel and power as Serena, and likely eats differently. Although he still needs a strong core to keep him in his seat while he’s dicing up hairpin turns on the track, he actually needs to be pretty light to make sure his car reaches top speeds.

He also doesn’t need the quick lateral movement or quick bursts of power and energy that Serena does. For Hamilton, I’d guess his diet is lower on carbs and higher in protein and healthy fats. He surely eats his green veggies for digestive purposes, and likely fills up on carbs the day before a big race.

Your Perfect Combination For Visible Abs

Abs are made in the kitchen, so start your quest by making the right food choices. Because you might not be an athlete, you’ll have lower—and different—caloric requirements, but the main idea is the same: eat lean protein, plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, and adjust carbohydrates accordingly.

Make sure you keep a caloric deficit if you’re attempting to lose fat—eat fewer calories than you burn every day—knocking about 200-250 calories per week (or if you reach a “sticking point” where you don’t lose for a week). As you cut your calories, lower carb intake to utilize fat as your primary energy source. The lower your calories go, the more you will need a strict diet to continue progress.

To provide more musculature to the area, some of the best exercises are back squats, deadlifts, and planks.

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