Serena Williams Ready to Win Her Seventh US Open Title with Balanced Diet and Intense Training

Photo credit: Splash News
Serena Williams

Photo credit: Splash News

Serena Williams has been preparing to play in the US Open 2016 and has set her sights on a seventh US Open title and a historic 23rd Grand Slam singles title.

Standing between tennis ace Williams is a shoulder injury and German player Angelique Kerber, but Williams is a determined woman and nothing is going to get in her way—not even her beloved tacos.


Serena Williams’ diet plan differs depending on if she’s training hard for a tournament or not. She has one of the strongest bodies in sports—or anywhere for that matter—and her tournament and training schedule keep her in top form.

But to maintain a body as fit and strong as hers, food and diet are a large component that need to be managed. No matter how much you work out and train, if your diet habits are abysmal, it won’t matter how much exercise you do—you probably won’t be able to get a six-pack like Williams.

The 34-year-old actually has a serious love of tacos, and has said that she eats them all the time. Even someone as disciplined as this mega athlete has cravings and allows herself to indulge from time to time. In July, she posted a small clip on Instagram of herself doing a happy dance while eating a batch of tacos.



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But her taco addiction has been shelved while Williams trains for the US Open and plays in the ever important tournament. Corn can cause a lot of bloating, so she has decided to cut out tacos for the time being. She has said she wants to be “svelte” for the fall, presumably referring to the US Open.

So What Does She Eat When Training?

Williams has an aversion to red meat, and has said that she hasn’t eaten it in an extremely long time: she much prefers fish. She’s a big fan of clean eating, and it is her go-to dietary game plan. Her motto is that she eats to live, not lives to eat.

Her sister Venus has tried to encourage Williams to adopt a vegan lifestyle, but the tennis pro isn’t there yet. She loves her tacos way too much. But she does believe in giving her body a break from meat, to clean the body of waste and toxins that are hanging around her system.

She opts for a more plant-based diet every now and again, but not as a permanent lifestyle choice; every year she does a herbal cleanse and eats only raw veggies and greens for a few weeks.

One of her favorite foods besides tacos is ground turkey; she always has that on hand. She also keeps cumin and paprika stocked in her cupboards. Funnily enough, those are three key ingredients for her to make tacos.

Ground turkey is an excellent source of protein that can definitely get Williams through a tough workout routine and through training for the US Open. When she’s done all of her superstar athletic tournaments she will likely go back to throwing that spiced turkey mixture in a corn tortilla and enjoying her tacos once again.

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