Sofia Vergara’s Hourglass Figure Is to Die for, Joe Manganiello Is a Lucky Man

Sofia Vergara
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Sofia Vergara took to Instagram to show off her hourglass figure while posing in a bathing suit on the beach. It just goes to show how lucky husband Joe Manganiello really is to have such a stunning wife. The Colombian beauty was photographed in a striped one-piece bathing suit and a mesh-skirt-like bathing suit cover-up while lounging on a giant beach sofa.

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There’s no denying that Vergara has a great body and that is because she works out alongside celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. If his name sounds familiar, that is because he trains most of the Kardashians.

Sofia Vergara Diet and Workout Plan

Peterson opened up to InStyle magazine and explained that Vergara does plenty of squats to perfect her bum. Vergara’s workout plan is balanced and Peterson ensures that all of her body parts are targeted so she can achieve an hourglass figure. The secret is that Peterson puts Vergara through compound exercises, which means more than one muscle group is being worked out at a time.

In order to keep Vergara motivated, Peterson creates specialty plans for the actress daily, always switching up routines to prevent boredom and keep challenging Vergara’s body.


Peterson’s advice to fans who want to achieve Vergara’s look is to work out regularly. This means even if you only have 10 minutes, ensure that you use those 10 minutes to do some type of exercise like cardio. Furthermore, ensure you are using compound exercises to target more than one muscle group and broaden your range of motion, which can make your workouts much more effective.

Along with regular workouts, Vergara is known to enjoy healthy eating habits. She consumes about five meals a day that are well balanced with healthy carbohydrates, low-fat protein, and plenty of fiber. For the most part, Vergara has eliminated junk foods and oily foods from her diet, but she enjoys the occasional ice cream or cake.

Here is an example of a day of eating for Vergara:

Breakfast: Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, healthy drink

First snack: Something sweet or something with dairy

Lunch: Foods not containing fat; she often enjoys pasta

Second snack: Fresh fruit or oatmeal with some juice or water

Dinner: A low-carb meal

As you can see, Sofia Vergara follows a healthy eating routine and does regular workouts to maintain her figure. Whether she is lounging on a beach or making us laugh on Modern Family, Vergara always looks good.


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