Sophie Turner Too Hot for Joe Jonas to Resist, Always in Proximity

Sophie Turner
Photo Credit: Splash News

After Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend Ashley Greene announced her engagement this week, Jonas has been spotted openly hanging out with Sophie Turner. The actress opted for a makeup free look and showed off her lean legs in denim hot pants as she walked along with Jonas and his brother, Nick. The couple were seen holding hands, and at one point, Turner even clasped Jonas tightly by his arms.

She was also seen enjoying the evening with Jonas on New Year’s Eve at Times Square. The place was fired up by Joe Jonas’ presence as he performed with his band DNCE on New Year’s Eve 2017. Sophie Turner’s presence added more glamour to the event, as she endorsed her beau.

Here is a video that Turner posted on Instagram of her New Year celebration with her beau, Jonas.


#NEW Sophie celebrating the New Year with Joe Jonas in New York! ✨

A video posted by Sophie Turner (@sophietrnr) on

The duo were first seen caressing each other at MTV European Music Awards in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on November 6. Read on to know how Turner has captivated Jonas with her lean figure.


Sophie Turner’s Workout Routine

Turner works out for 60 minutes, six times a week. Her workouts start with cardio like running, and then she does full body workouts. Her workouts are not confined to gym alone and she feels they must be fun so she stays motivated to stick to her routine.

Her trainer admires her dedication towards workouts and says she is strong, both physically and mentally, which makes his job easy. He also ensures to add variation to Turner’s routine to avoid her getting bored so he introduced her to complex boxing combinations. Sophie Turner’s workout routine includes hill sprints, kettlebells, resistance bands, and burpees. She is also fond of ballet dancing and resistance training.

“Exercise has made me feel more positive about my body, less self-conscious,” she says. “I don’t know if I look any different, but I feel stronger, and I can do more, which is such a good feeling. It’s so liberating.”

Sophie Turner’s Diet Plan

Sophie Turner abstained from eating breakfast and nibbled at healthy foods. Turner’s trainer, James Farmer, planned a Paleo diet for the actress which includes sources of protein and healthy fats with every meal. Her diet also consists of fibrous vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. Turner admits to feeling healthy and energetic since she has been on the Paleo diet.

She starts her day with cereals and fruit juices. Her protein-packed lunch and snacks include chicken, fish, veggie salad, fruits, and pasta. She also snacks on yogurt, and almonds.

Once a week, Turner binges on pizza, cupcakes, and alcohol. The starlet Instagrammed a pic and captioned it, “Winter is Here,” as she sipped coffee while holding a large glass of a mixed drink in the other hand.

Winter Is Here

A photo posted by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on


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