Super Fit Lea Michele Flaunts Toned Legs: “Scream Queens” Star Reunites with Cast-Mates at EW PopFest

Super Fit Lea Michele Flaunts Toned Legs: "Scream Queens" Star Reunites with Castmates at EW PopFest
Credit: David Becker / Stringer/ Getty

Lea Michele looked super fit while she flaunted her toned legs in a full-sleeved maxi-dress. Michele’s facial features popped out with minimal makeup and her skin looked as radiant as ever. The Scream Queens star reunited with cast-mate and best friend, Emma Roberts, at the EW PopFest.

Michele’s captive smile shows inner contentedness, and her killer body reveals good health. Let’s peek into the actress’ routine which keeps her glowing at 30.

Michele’s Altering Diet

Michele keeps altering her diet from vegan and non-vegan. She doesn’t believe in diets that make her starve or fad diets. She sticks to a detox diet which helps her flush out the toxins from her body. She avoids tea or coffee during the detox period. She consumes water, green smoothies, and low-calorie veggies to energize her body.


Michele doesn’t stay away from her favorite foods but turns them into healthy options. She can turn quesadillas into healthier ones. They can be made gluten-free and stuffed with meat, cheese or veggies like spinach.

She told Shape magazine, “I absolutely love soup in the Fall.” She continued, “When I feel like indulging I definitely always have a bowl of soup with grilled cheese. You cannot go wrong with that combination.”

While talking to SELF magazine she says, “I really don’t deprive myself. I work out really hard and I eat healthy, so I never really feel guilty about the things that I’m eating.” She further says, “I try to stay on the healthier side, but I’m also Italian, so Italian food is my absolute favorite. A great bowl of pasta is also my favorite dinner for me.”

She likes to eat avocado on toast, or a drink a smoothie for breakfast. She eats salad for lunch and loves to have sushi or pasta for dinner. Her favorite restaurants include LA’s vegan Mexican hot spot, Gracias Madre or the organic vegan chain, Real Food Daily.


Michele’s Workout

Michele knows the importance of workouts and balances healthy eating with exercises. She prefers outdoor activities like biking, swimming, and hiking over those done in the gym.

Dancing is her favorite aerobic workout which helps her stay in shape. Yoga is another favorite exercise of hers as it helps her to relax and relieve stress (this also includes hot yoga). She also includes high-impact interval and weight training in her workout routine. Michele performs stretches, push-ups, and Pilates.

She also enjoys SoulCycle’s indoor cycling classes and sings out loud during the entire class. “I feel like SoulCycle is so inspiring and really uplifting and for me,” she tells SELF. “A workout has to be good for my mind, body, and soul. It can’t just be going crazy in the gym—it has to be something that’s going to make my spirit feel good at the same time.”

Michele likes to push herself for something exciting. Some months back, she went on a trip all alone! She says it was a great, life-changing adventure for her.

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