Taylor Swift Dating Drake? Super Fit Singer Leaves Rapper Impressed at His 30th Birthday Party

Taylor Swift Dating Drake
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Is Taylor Swift dating Drake? The singer attended the rapper’s 30th birthday bash and rumors started flying that the two were seen flirting. Tom Hiddleston’s ex looked super fit, showing off a lot of leg in a black skirt with a very high slit running up it.

Rumor has it that Hiddleston was jealous of the reports that the “Shake It Off” singer was getting cozy with Drake. But as with much of the news in Hollywood, you never know what to believe.

Maybe Swift should take a break from the dating scene and instead just focus on the new album that fans are anxiously waiting for. There were reports that it may drop this October, but it doesn’t look like the songstress will grace us with new material after all.


Taylor Swift’s Fitness

Swift is tall and slender and has quite the admirable body. The singer wrapped up a world tour that involved plenty of dancing, which can burn off extra calories. But aside from performing, Swift is often spotted heading to or leaving the gym, so clearly the girl likes to work on her fitness.

Swift regularly sticks to her workouts. If she can’t get to a gym, she will always manage to squeeze in some time on the treadmill—or falling off of one while rapping to Drake and promoting Apple music.

Swift works hard, that’s for sure, but she also enjoys treating herself. In an interview with WebMD, she explained, “I have a need to feel like I’ve earned things, so when I have a week of working really hard, I get to have a day or two off — whether it’s from exercise or watching what I eat.”

As for Swift’s diet, she tries to be responsible by sticking to salads, yogurt, and sandwiches. She also avoids sugary beverages and drinks almost 10 bottles of water per day.


At the same time, Swift enjoys junk food like pizza, burgers, ice cream, and cookies. For her to enjoy these foods, she just spends extra time working out to compensate. Her daily splurge is a Starbucks latte, which she has each morning. You may not think that’s an indulgence, but between the whip cream and syrup pumps, some beverages at Starbucks can contain more sugar and calories than many fast food burgers!

No one knows for sure whether Swift and Drake are dating. Both singers are on the rebound, with Drake and Rihanna splitting and Swift and Hiddleston ending their relationship too. Who knows, maybe they are just lonely and enjoying each other’s company. Regardless, Swift looks amazing and usual and is single and drama-free—maybe that’s the look she should stick with for a while.

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