Tennis Fan Bradley Cooper and Irini Shayk Seen at Andy Murray Match during Wimbledon 2016

Photo Credit: Mirrorpix/Splash
Bradley Cooper and Irini Shayk

Photo Credit: Mirrorpix/Splash

Actor Bradley Cooper and Russian supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk were seen on center court enjoying the final match between Andy Murray and Canadian Milos Raonic at the Wimbledon 2016 tennis championships in London on July 10.

Cooper is an Oscar-nominated actor for his roles in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and American Sniper, and Shayk has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue between 2007 and 2015.


Earlier, Cooper and Shayk were seen in Roger Federer’s box cheering on their friend at Wimbledon 2016 with Federer’s wife Mirka. The couple seemed fully invested in the game, but when they were not glued to the tennis match, Irina Shayk couldn’t seem to keep her hands off of Bradley Cooper. Many photos from Wimbledon 2016 showed her playfully biting his shoulder.

Bradley Cooper Enjoys a Juice after Hitting the Tennis Court for a Match in L.A.

Cooper is actually no stranger to the tennis court. He’s been seen playing tennis and drinking juice in Los Angeles; after all, the Hollywood star has to maintain his physique for many of his leading roles. For instance, Bradley Cooper was required to gain 40 pounds of muscle for his role in American Sniper and to achieve that he had to consume 6,000 calories daily, even eating pizza and burgers to maintain that calorie count.

That said, it’s possible to consume a healthy diet in pursuit of those calories, according to nutritionist Dana James. Cooper consumed high-calorie chia seeds, avocado, walnuts, honey, almonds, flaxseed, Greek yogurt, and coconut, and he also included muscle-building proteins such as eggs, turkey, meat, and chicken.

However, when not required to put on weight, Cooper eats healthy pumpkin soups and drinks lots of smoothies and green juices full of vegetables. He’ll avoid processed foods, coffee, tea, and alcohol, and instead opts for green tea and lots of water.


Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk need to be in shape for their respective careers, and the effort they put in is likely grueling at times, so it’s no wonder they enjoy a little down time taking in a match with seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.

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