The Late Late Show Host James Corden Performs with Backstreet Boys

James Corden

James Corden and the Backstreet Boys took the stage together on the comedian’s The Late Late Show this week, performing one of the band’s biggest hits, “Everybody.” Corden looks fit, as do the members of the band who have a Las Vegas residency starting up in March.

James Corden, 38, may be best known for his show’s Carpool Karaoke segment, where he drives around with a celebrity and they sing songs together and chat. The host not only sings, but he is learning how to dance as well. Corden says he took dance fitness classes to prepare for his role hosting the Tony Awards this past June. There are rumors that the Carpool Karaoke segment will be getting its own spin-off. Celebrities who have participated include First Lady Michelle Obama, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez and Adele.

He wanted to achieve some weight loss for the event. He even joked that he’d be an ideal contestant on the UK dance show Strictly Come Dancing because he is really into dancing at the moment. So much so that he was even getting up at 7 a.m. some mornings to attend a dance fitness class called Plyojam, where he and 20 women were jumping around and dancing, he says.


The British host, who now lives in Los Angeles for the show, says he loves it because it is the first exercise he has ever done that doesn’t feel like a chore. Dancing is a fantastic exercise because it can burn a ton of calories and provide a great cardiovascular workout, as well as strengthen and tone muscles when done regularly and vigorously enough.

The British comedian lost 84 pounds after changing his diet and using a personal trainer when he moved to LA and began prepping for his new show. Corden says he cut out sugar and bread and pretty much eats only meat at mealtimes now.  He jokingly says he didn’t realize before that it wasn’t okay to graze all day—that it wasn’t a thing, and that was frowned upon. Corden has always battled with his weight, which has fluctuated since his early twenties. At one point, when the British show Fat Friends was on the air, the comedian weighed over 300 pounds. He lost some of the weight but then regained it. Right now, he seems to be holding steady with his recent weight loss.

But diet alone didn’t help him lose the weight; he also started a workout regimen that included his beloved dance classes and a trainer who comes to his house three times a week in the mornings. His overall goal for starting his show was to look approachable for his audience, and he felt that being unhealthy and overweight wasn’t the right fit for that. It seems to be working, because audiences love Corden and his show so far.

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