Tim Tebow’s MLB Dreams: Intense Batting Practices and Baseball Workout Revealed

Tim Tebow
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Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is now working towards a career in the MLB, using a strict workout and batting practices to develop his baseball skills.

For a short period of time, Tim Tebow was one of the world’s most famous NFL quarterbacks, gaining attention for his godly approach to football. However, Tebow’s career as a quarterback quickly waned. He hasn’t played in the NFL since 2012, instead pursuing a career as a broadcaster.

Now, at 29 years of age, Tebow is jumping back into the world of professional sports. However, this time the athlete isn’t going for football; instead, he’s focusing on becoming a star baseball player.

Tim Tebow

Photo credit: CV imageSPACE / Splash News

Tebow is currently playing in the minor leagues with a goal of joining the MLB. He has already demonstrated his skills in MLB showcases. To get in shape and develop his skills for this new game, Tebow used a baseball-focused workout to improve his fitness.

Tim Tebow’s Workout

Since 2012, Tim Tebow hasn’t played in the NFL. Now, with his eyes set on the MLB, Tebow has gotten back into the practice of training.

The former NFL quarterback finds the pace of baseball training to be a lot slower than training for football. According to Tebow, his day-to-day training schedule is a lot different, and he approaches it with a different mindset. Despite the slower pace, Tebow still finds baseball training to be a bit of challenge. He tries to embrace the difficult aspects, having fun while he develops his skills.


For three months, Tebow attended a training camp, working on his bat speed, hitting ability, and running speed. In particular, Tebow also worked on changing his mindset due to the differences between football and baseball. In football, there is less room for failure, while a successful baseball player will still miss a lot of their pitches.

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Tebow says that playing in baseball means being able to handle adversity and deal with slumps. Part of that is being OK with failing some of the time and not having the same success rate as you would in other sports.

Tim Tebow’s MLB Showcase

Tim Tebow has already participated in a MLB workout, putting on a display of his skills for major league scouts.

Tebow’s showcase received mixed results from scouts, with some of his skills appearing more developed than others. In particular, Tebow exhibited phenomenal power in batting, clearing eight balls over the stadium’s fence, including one that went over the scoreboard. Tebow also had an impressive running speed, which is probably partially due to his years in the NFL.

However, some of Tebow’s demonstrations were less impressive. In live batting, Tebow failed to return a large number of pitches and was fooled by some off-speed pitches from former MLBers. Tebow says that this was largely due to nerves and reaffirmed the importance of practice in helping him gain more experience and achieve better results.

Tebow’s demonstration is a good example of the fact that while good overall fitness is important, different sports, activities, and hobbies can require different types of skills. The NFL quarterback did best with the skills that he developed in his former football career.

If you want to learn a new sport, then being in good shape won’t be enough. Each sport requires practice, dedication, and hard work, as well as a high level of fitness. And it seems that Tebow’s has paid off; he recently signed a minor-league contract with the New York Mets.

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