Tips for Making Gwyneth Paltrow’s Detox Diet Plan Your New Year Resolution after Christmas

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrity who practices what she preaches. As the author of two successful cookbooks, Paltrow knows all about sticking to a healthy diet plan or detox diet. She lives for that kind of stuff and is very health conscious. While her lifestyle may not be suitable for most people (she tends to veer towards extravagance and some even believe she is a bit pretentious), she doesn’t just pitch ideas, she follows them herself—and she makes a reported $9 million per year while doing it.

Let’s take a look at her diet and fitness regimen.

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Gwyneth Paltrow on Diet and Fitness

The actress is a busy mom of two children. On top of this, she has her own lifestyle brand and two cookbooks, so she is a bit of a lifestyle guru. Some of the tips that Paltrow offers others are really practical and easy to follow.

For instance, Paltrow has admitted publicly on several occasions that she has a great love of food. Even though she is lean and thin, she has to work hard to keep her body that way. She does a lot of cardio exercises during her workouts. Paltrow does about an hour of cardio, four days per week, but she admits that this changes depending on how much she eats. If she eats more during one day or during one week, she increases the length of her workouts or the number of days she goes to the gym and this helps her maintain balance.


Paltrow is also a firm believer in using visualization to achieve her goals. She encourages others to use this strategy as well. For example, Paltrow suggests that imagining where you want to be and how you want to look in the future is a great motivator for taking the steps to make it happen. She used this technique to help her fit back into a pair of shorts, and it worked. It’s all about setting up goals and creating a strategy to execute the vision—and it can be as simple as wanting to fit into old jeans!

Paltrow also likes to follow a fixed and regimented daily schedule; however, she reveals that going the “extra mile” once in a while is excellent for seeing results sooner. She is not a fan of a muscular look for herself, but she encourages other women to go for the body they like. She uses weights less than three pounds for toning purposes and she is known for her killer arms! She also works with a personal trainer, which may not be feasible for everyone, but it also contributes to her healthy lifestyle and slim body.

When it comes to her strict diet, Paltrow likes to plan her meals. She likes to drink green tea early in the morning and her breakfasts usually comprise a protein shake with almond milk, blueberries, and supplements. She usually has a workout afterwards and then a green kale juice, followed by a low-carb and low-calorie lunch.

One of her favorite meals is Lemony Grilled Chicken with a veggie salad or steamed veggies. She also practices portion control and eats several small meals throughout the day to keep her metabolism up and running. The snacks she chooses to eat between breakfast, lunch, and dinner are very important to her. She likes raw almonds, coconut water, raisins, kale juice, and lemon juice. She also drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated. She avoids processed foods of all kinds.

Junk food is something that Gwyneth Paltrow eats in moderation only. She is a firm believer in not depriving oneself of the good stuff in life. She also believes too much restriction can cause anxiety and depression.


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