UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Follows a Paleo Diet

Photo Credit: Corbis
Ronda Rousey Follows a Paleo Diet

Photo Credit: Corbis

What does UFC champion Ronda Rousey daily food intake look like? She’s said in interviews that she follows a combination of the Paleo diet and the Warrior Diet.

The Paleo diet is currently a top choice for many celebrities, probably because it doesn’t include simple carbs, which often causes weight gain.

The idea behind eating Paleo is to eat foods that early humans most likely ate: fruits, vegetables, berries, and meat, and excluding dairy, grains, and processed foods.

The Warrior Diet might seem a bit extreme and hard to follow for many people, but athletes in particular who need to train hard tend to adopt this diet because it allows them to have more energy for that vigorous training. Ronda Rousey likes it for this very reason. The logic behind the diet is to skip breakfast and all meals throughout the day and eat only at night. It’s also been called “intermittent eating,” a technique nutritionists aren’t crazy about. This kid of dieting is supposed to be a method of training in itself, according to its creator, Ori Hofmekler.

Though she follows her UFC training diet strictly and listens to her nutritionist, the one thing Rousey couldn’t give up, and in fact fought hard to keep, was a cup of coffee each morning. However, she tries to curb her caffeine needs by drinking a mix of wheatgrass, parsley, cilantro, and sprouts every morning as well.

It’s no wonder Ronda Rousey has incorporated the Warrior Diet into her Paleo diet, and perhaps it’s one of the training techniques she used to help her become a UFC champion. Nutrition has always been a big part of Rousey’s training throughout her long athletic career. Early in life she trained in Judo and in 2004, she won the World Junior Judo Championship in Hungary and qualified for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

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