Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater Injured, but Adrian Peterson is Ready with His Insane Workout

Photo Credit: ESPN
Adrian Peterson

Photo Credit: ESPN

Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has recently suffered from a knee injury, which has unfortunately put a halt to his season. On the other hand, teammate Adrian Peterson has been following an intense workout plan and is ready to play.

Last year, the Vikings were on their way to being NFC champions. This year, if they want to play in the Super Bowl, they’ll have to ensure that their players are in top condition.


Even with Bridgewater out, there is still some hope that the team can come together—with hopeful new prospects, not all hope is lost. 

Adrian Peterson’s Intense Workout Plan and Diet 

Even as a rookie, Peterson held the NFL record for most yards rushed during a game. He’s already won numerous awards, which goes to show how powerful he really is. But it takes plenty of work to be an all-star football player.

The goals of his workouts are to gain mass, get ripped, and build strength. He manages this by dividing his workouts into body groups. For example, Mondays and Wednesdays are upper body training days and Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to the lower body. During his four days of training, Peterson undergoes conditioning drills, with his workouts including circuit-style training with minimal rest between sets.

For Peterson’s upper body workouts, he performs shoulder shrugs, pull-ups, cable rows, overhead presses, and flies.


For his lower body, he performs deadlifts, leg curls, calf raises, a variety of crunches, and leg presses. The conditioning drills we mentioned consist of lots of cardio; he does plenty of sprints, along with cone drills and yard shuffles. This is to ensure he is agile on the field and he can maneuver around other players.

As for Peterson’s diet, his day typically begins with four to five egg whites, whole-grain pancakes, and low-fat bacon. He follows this with a pre-workout drink, and after his workout, he gulps down a protein shake. His lunch is pretty simple and usually consists of baked chicken, vegetables, and rice—dinner is also chicken and pasta. Prior to bed, he has a late-night snack.

Peterson has since opened a gym in Houston, where he helps members train. He’s noted that by day two, many of the faces from day one training are nowhere to be found. He acknowledges that the way he trains can be intense for many, but he recommends sticking to it—your body will adapt and eventually be able to keep up.

Peterson also recognizes that age is a factor that can work against athletes, but he refuses to succumb to it. Many NFL players have continued to be successful in their older age, and he believes that he can do the same.

It will be interesting to see how Adrian Peterson’s training pays off when football season kicks off this year. In the meantime, we hope that Teddy Bridgewater gets the appropriate medical attention he needs to work on that injury. We’re looking forward to seeing his comeback next season!