What Is David Beckham’s Fitness Secret despite Christmas Food & Drinks?

What Is David Bekcham’s Fitness Secret despite Christmas Food & Drinks?
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David Beckham is celebrating Christmas 2016 by making some delicious Christmas food that may leave his best friend, famed chef Gordon Ramsey, green with envy. According to the Daily Mail, Beckham brewed up a deliciously boozy Christmas stew and posted a clip on Instagram. Tagging Ramsey in the post, Beckham captioned the video with, “Preparing the beef stew just like mum used to make it… Not as tasty but not far away… Plus dumplings mmmmmm oh and a little Guinness @gordongram. [sic]”

Beckham joined the photo- and video-sharing social medium only a month ago and has amassed 32 million followers since. In addition to his video making a delicious stew, Beckham also shared a photo of himself clad in a tacky Christmas sweater holding a glass of Haig Club, his single grain Scotch whisky. The photo was aptly captioned, “A Christmas toast!”

A Christmas toast!


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Despite the heavy meals he seems to enjoy, Beckham still manages to maintain an enviable physique. Once one of the greatest soccer players in the world, Beckham has been retired since 2013; however, fitness is in his blood, and we’ve got the scoop on David Beckham’s fitness secret.

David Beckham’s Diet

The former footballer and father of four maintains a diet that is free of fatty foods and full of lean proteins, which he gets mostly from chicken, and lots of leafy green vegetables. Specific greens, such as spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage, give Beckham the complex carbohydrates on which he relies to maintain his energy lower his consumption of unhealthy fats.


The fats that Beckham does take in comes from sources like yogurt and olive oil. These fats allow him to not only maintain his weight, but to also improve his overall performance. Instead of eating three large meals a day, Beckham tends to snack numerous times throughout the day—nuts are rumored to be one of his favorite snacks.

David Beckham’s Workout Routine

It’s no surprise that Beckham works hard to maintain his toned, athletic body. He prefers full-body workouts to isolated workouts. He makes sure to include cardio, weight training, agility training, and abs workouts in his exercise regimen.

To tackle the cardio aspect of his workout, Beckham does three sets of runs for five minutes each at 85% maximum heart rate, and four minutes of rest in between. In order to keep the routine from becoming too monotonous, Beckham switches it up by running for 15 minutes at 95% maximum heart rate for eight to ten sets, with a minute of rest in between each.

Though Beckham does train with weights, he makes sure the weights aren’t too heavy, since that will make him more muscular than he wants. He does plyometrics in order to remain agile and quick on his feet, which is crucial for a soccer player. Plyometrics also help keep Beckham’s muscles strong, and his joints and bones healthy.

Though he’s retired from professional soccer, Beckham continues to keep up his healthy lifestyle even when he’s busy enjoying hearty Christmas foods and drinks.



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